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Question: What do you love about your home/apartment?

  Contributor Ice-Breaker Response
Joi Edwards “All of the windows. I love light!”
  Raymond Gray “Knowing where everything is.”
Tracie Jacob “Omana said: "School" (WOW!)

Olivia said: "Play area!" Me: Space, to have friends over for fellowship & fun!”
Rojen Jacob “The only place I can go and demand a hug.”
Eric Johnson “I love the location of my home and our nice living room and dining room area.”
  Alesha Logan “The smell! I love candles, plug-ins, and anything that smells good.”
  Rochelle Parker “What I love about my apartment is that it is very cozy and quiet when I get off work I can sit in my living room and look out the window at the lake and hear the fountain running and sometimes the ducks...peaceful....”
  Yolanda Pompy “I love the second bathroom ..lbvs”

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