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How has technology influenced your faith?

  Contributor Ice-Breaker Response
Joi Edwards “It has had a major impact and made spiritual engagement extremely accessible. I can read, watch and listen to Christian music, radio, sermons at the click of a button especially when doing mundane things like grocery shopping, waiting in a docs office or sitting at a traffic light!”
  Brian Edwards “I am able to carry the word and music apps with me and whenever I am in search of a song...or meanings to the chapter I just read I can pull up the Strongs app and get right to it....and wait...oh and bible gateway..just say wow wow wow

Tracie Jacob “It has definitely made me more accountable! Because of the easy access to the Word of God - in any version, and various testimonies, blogs, vlogs, etc. of how to live life according to the Word.

All answers, to everything, are easily accessible, don’t even need a concordance…but if you do - there’s an app for that! lol You can even search for sermons on your specific situation! No More Excuses!!!”